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Your life has changed.

Maybe it’s time your home did too.

If you have been living in your home or condo for a number of years, it is likely your needs have changed. Maybe upkeep that was once enjoyable has now become a burden, or you simply only use a small portion of your living space. Many people remain in a home that is no longer serving them because the thought of moving is too overwhelming. Kelso Homes will help you choose your next home, sort, pack, move, AND prepare and sell your current home. Our goal is to help you transition with confidence to wherever you decide.

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Better one’s House be too little one day than too big all the Year after.”

— Thomas Fuller

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What would it be like to...

Grandkids, Grandpa and Play Together in Living Room for Love, Care and Relax in  Home. Portrait of Happy Children, Smile Senior Grandparent and Bonding, Laughing and Enjoying Funny Quality Time

Visit friends or grandkids more often

Senior Woman Running

Enjoy doing things you WANT to do, not things you HAVE to do

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Keep only the things that make you smile, and enjoy a new home free from years of clutter

Downsizing while you are healthy and in control allows you to live life on your terms.

The Kelso Homes Process

Simplifying your life should leave you OVERJOYED, not Overwhelmed.

We believe that we can help you simplify your life by breaking down a seemingly overwhelming task into easy, manageable steps. By working with Kelso Homes, you can be assured to save time, money, and most of all STRESS. We take care of all the details so that you can concentrate on what’s most important- YOU.

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Explore your future living options & make a plan

Shelves Cluttered with Pots and Pans

Sort & Downsize your items, leaving you with things you use or cherish

Delivery Men Moving Sofa in Room at New Home

We move you to your new home, condo, community, or other chosen option.

Home for Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Kelso Homes will prep, clean, list, and sell your current home.

Are you Ready?

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Exploring your Living Options

Today’s Senior Living Options are as unique as each individual. Your lifestyle, personality, and stage in life will help to determine whether you may want to choose a different home, a condo, or a Senior Community. While we often refer to this process as “Downsizing”, many people choose options that are not necessarily smaller than the home they are leaving. The important thing is that whatever you choose will serve your physical, social, and emotional needs for years to come.

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New Home

You may be looking for a home that is newer, smaller, or simply one that offers main floor living. The options are endless.

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Tired of maintenance? An attached or stand alone condo may give you the perfect mix of privacy without the exterior upkeep.

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Senior Community

Senior Communities come in a wide range of budgets and options. I can connect you with a local advisor who can help you navigate the sea of options

Downsizing your belongings.

One the most challenging aspects of moving from a long term family home, is dealing with years of accumulated items. We work with clients to choose the treasured things that they will need or enjoy in their next home, and say goodbye to the rest. While some homeowners may benefit from having an estate sale, others find that passing items to family members and donating the rest is the simplest. Lifestyles have changed in recent years and selling even quality furniture pieces and collectables doesn’t necessarily bring in the money it once did. For most sellers, the monetary value lies within the home they are selling. The sooner the home is prepped and sold, the sooner you can determine the best use of those funds. We help our clients work though every step of sorting and downsizing their belongings in a secure and sustainable way.

Many Different Items on Wooden Table. Garage Sale

Moving you to your new home- First

Today’s Senior Living Options are as unique as each individual. Depending on your lifestyle, personality stage in life, you may want to choose a different home, a condo, or consider life in a Senior Community. While we often refer to this process as “Downsizing”, many people choose options that are not necessarily smaller than the home they are leaving. The important thing is that whatever you choose will serve your physical, social, and emotional needs for years to come.

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Choose your items

Once you have decided on items you want to take, we get to work. The team from Kelso Homes will take pictures, measurements, and create a spreadsheet of all items that will be tentatively making the move.

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Make a Diagram of your new home

We create a measured diagram of your new living area evaluating how much space you have, and even things like location of heat ducts and outlets. This proactive step is the key to an efficient move.

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Create a

Space Plan

We save you time and money on your move by figuring our exactly what items will best fit into your new layout before you pay hundreds of dollars to move items that won’t fit.

Woman Moving into New Home
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Oversee your move

We work directly with our trusted movers to make sure your move goes off without a hitch. You come home to bed that is made and a welcoming space where you can relax.

Prep, List & Sell your Home

It may sounds backwards, but helping you safely move and settle in your new home before selling your current home will greatly reduce the stress of your transition. This order makes it much easier to determine what is no longer needed, and clears the way for emotionally letting go of your extra items. Our team at Kelso Home has the ability to take over the home and handle all the remaining details of listing and selling. Most clients hand over the keys and let us handle the rest so they can enjoy getting settled in their new space.

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Home for Sale Sign & New Home
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Home is fully emptied

We make sure all remaining items in the home are cleared in sustainable ways, donating and recycling as many items as possible.

*Some limits apply.

*Virtual staging is complimentary. We offer professional lite staging for a small fee.

Critical repairs are completed

If there plumbing, electrical, or other needed repair that would scare away most buyers we fix it prior to listing the house. There is no benefit to getting an offer accepted if it will fall thru during the inspection period.

List and Sell your home

By the time your home hits the market, it will be clean, *staged, and beautifully photographed. Our goal is to get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

My passion is partnering with clients to thrive where they live. Whether you require more space for a growing family, or are ready to say goodbye to a home that has provided years of memories, l will walk you through each step of the process with skill. I will meet you wherever you are, educate you on your options, and then assist you with all aspects of your move. I understand how complex and stressful moving can be. My job is not complete until you are safely settled in your new home…

Laura Kelso

Come & Learn with us at a

GR Savvy Senior Event

The GR Savvy Senior Learning Series was created by Laura Kelso in 2019 to Educate and Empower mature adults, their families, and professionals who serve them. We tackle important topics that affect most everyone at some point. Best of all, everything is free and you will never get a sales pitch.